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Tobias van Schneider is a German award-winning designer raised in Austria & currently living in Stockholm New York City.

He had the privilege of working with companies such as Red Bull, BMW, Google, Wacom, Sony, Fantasy Interactive, Stinkdigital, Toyota, Ralph Lauren, Bwin & more.

Tobias is building new products as Lead Product Designer & Art Director at Spotify in NYC.

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Upcoming speaking events

21/06 - Cannes Festival
03/10 - MadeByFew
28/10 - FOWD SFO
02/11 - FOWD NYC
05/11 - KIKK Festival

28/04 - Disney LA
08/03 - Epicurrence
17/02 - Art Directors Club
21/02 - World IA Day
24/02 - Awwwards Conf.

15/11 - AIGA Nebraska
28/09 - AIGA Boston
05/09 - DesignMadison
30/08 - KStartup Korea

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Selected projects & activities—

His work has been featured and written about in highly acclaimed press such as .net Magazine, Computer Arts,  FastCompany, Wired, Inc Magazine, FirstRound Capital, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, BusinessInsider & many others.