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Tobias van Schneider is a German award-winning designer raised in Austria & currently living in Stockholm New York City.

He had the privilege of working with companies such as Red Bull, BMW, Google, Wacom, Sony, Toyota, Ralph Lauren, Bwin & more.

Former Lead Product Designer & Art Director at Spotify & serving on the AIGA Board of Directors in New York.

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How to procrastinate.

I've been thinking about procrastination a lot lately. I do it all the time, even though people always ask me how I get so much stuff done. I thought about it, because it is true. I do get a lot of stuff done, but then at the same time I also procrastinate...

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Selected projects & activities—

His work has been featured and written about in highly acclaimed press such as .net Magazine, Computer Arts,  FastCompany, Wired, Inc Magazine, FirstRound Capital, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, BusinessInsider & many others.

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